Code of Conduct for ASSA Committee Members

The purpose of the Actuarial Science Student Association (ASSA) Code of Conduct for Committee Members (“Committee Code”) is to require the Committee Members to adhere to the high standards of conduct, practice and integrity of the student association, thereby supporting the student association in fulfilling its responsibility to the student members. A Committee Member must comply with both the letter and the spirit of the Committee Code.

A “Committee Member” is a person who is appointed, elected or volunteered into the ASSA’s Executive Committee Board (EXCO), Independent Committee (INCO) and/or ACE Team program.

A Committee Member who commits a material violation of the provisions of the Committee Code shall be subject to the discipline procedures of the ASSA. In situations where a Committee Member breached the Committee Code, his/her status of Committee Member will be on hold until the discipline procedure is completed and allow the recovery of his/her status.

Committee Codes:

  1. A Committee Member must fulfil the promises in the ASSA Member’s Promise.
  2. A Committee Member shall act honestly, with courtesy, integrity, and competence, to uphold the reputation of the student association.
  3. A Committee Member shall serve the student association to the best of ability when called upon to do so during events, programs, and duties under the job scope.
  4. A Committee Member shall not engage in any conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation or commit any act that reflects adversely on the student association.
  5. A Committee Member shall act with courtesy and professional respect and shall cooperate with other Committee Members in the student association.
  6. A Committee Member shall strictly comply with the letter and spirit of the UCSI University’s Student Code of Conduct as stated in the Student Handbook.
  7. A Committee Member shall not disclose to another party any confidential information unless authorized to do so by the student association or required to do so by the rules and regulations of the University. Confidential information includes information of proposed events, members’ information, association’s details of assets and information that is legally restricted from circulation.
  8. A Committee Member shall respond promptly, truthfully, and fully to any request for information by, and cooperate fully with, the appropriate disciplinary body of the ASSA or UCSI University relating to any disciplinary or other proceeding relating to the Committee Code. The Committee Member’s responsibility to respond shall be subject to applicable restrictions listed in Rule 5 and those imposed by law, statue, or regulation.